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Dress Code

At CIMS, students must dress appropriately to maintain a positive educational environment per the New York City Department of Education Policy. Since there is no school uniform policy, we expect students to adhere to the following dress code policy:

  1. Appropriate Length: Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be of an appropriate length – no shorter than mid-thigh.
  2. Covered Midriffs: Tops should cover the midriff (front area of the body between chest and waist) area; no crop tops or excessively revealing clothing.
  3. No Offensive Messages: Please avoid clothing with offensive language, images, or symbols.
  4. Appropriate Footwear: Closed-toed shoes. No flip-flops, slippers, or beach sandals for safety reasons.
  5. Hats and Headgear: Inside the school building students are required to remove hats, headgear (bandanas, beanies, ski masks, durags), and hoodies from their heads for safety reasons.