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Mission & Vision


Collegiate Institute for Math & Science (CIMS) is an academically rigorous high school established in 2003 under the New York City Department of Education. 

At CIMS, we are committed to providing our students with access to all of the experiences, conditions, resources, opportunities and support that they need to grow as learners, achieve their full human potential, be prepared to partake in and contribute to the democratic discourse in our school and in the larger global community.  As a school community, our goal is to prepare our students for college and career by establishing a safe, trusting, respectful, collaborative and caring community with high expectations, competent adults to ensure high quality education and optimum learning for all of its members.  

Experienced and dedicated teachers and staff, partnered with parents, continuously collaborate to provide a strong nurturing environment within a world that is rapidly changing.  We strive to provide the best academic and extracurricular programs in accordance with higher education standards to develop high performing, successful and ambitious student leaders.